Experience goes a long way

About us

Zaark was established in response to a rapidly growing market for Internet based communication services creating new and interesting business opportunities. Zaark is a merger between independent communications solutions company Keystream and the software development arm of New Age Service Provider. Zaark holds decades of IT, Telecom, VoIP and software development experience and has a truly unique product- and services offering.

Headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, Zaark is a market leader in mobile VoIP technology. Zaark has developed a complete communications solution and thanks to a modular architecture each delivery can be tailored to meet specific requirements; be it a closed private network, a branded turnkey white label (incl Apps) or adding basic call functionality to an existing app. In addition, Zaark’s professional services team can provide assistance during integration through to commissioning and beyond, all according to the demands of our customers.

Zaark was set up as a B2B solutions provider from day one and is unique in the market offering a complete Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) product for mobile VoIP. The top priorities at Zaark are usability, scalability and reliability, factors we believe are imperative to achieve success in an increasingly competitive market where end users place the same expectations on mobile VoIP services as they do on traditional telephony.

Zaark has a team of experienced and devoted industry experts that cater for operations and product development. The software is developed in-house using a combination of best-of-breed standard components and bespoke code.