Zaark releases SDK for voice & messaging

Zaark, the mobile VoIP solutions provider, launches a SDK allowing call- and messaging functionality to be added to existing apps. The Zaark SDK solution offers revenues from day one enabling business and organizations to tap into the lucrative communications market.

Many companies are looking for ways to leverage existing operation and/or customer base and introducing communication services is a compelling alterative. The Zaark SDK solution allows quick, easy and seamless integration and uses the latest codec and encryption technology to ensure secure communication with optimum voice quality. The SDK solution comes complete with a CRM system and access to global infrastructure.

Zaark is unique in offering a SDK solution with support for both VoIP calls and low cost PSTN calls to any landline or mobile operator in the world. This creates an unrivalled opportunity to generate revenues and end users can call anyone in the world – not only other users of the service.

“The Zaark SDK is a powerful tool that brings added value to applications thereby increasing stickiness and customer loyalty whilst creating a new significant revenue channel” says Johan Öhman CEO at Zaark.

For additional information please contact CEO Johan Öhman, +46 727 11 7373

About Zaark

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Zaark is a market leader in mobile VoIP technology. Customers are
provided a customized solution that is easily integrated ensuring short time to
market and a cost efficient operation. The modular architecture enables each delivery to be tailored for specific requirements; be it a closed private network, a branded turnkey white label (incl Apps) or adding basic call functionality to an existing app. The Zaark solution comes complete with a CRM system, network infrastructure and termination facilities. More information about Zaark is available at