Voca launches with Zaark White Label

Zaark is pleased to announce the launch of Voca, a new low cost communication app with international calls at exceptional rates . Voca is based on a Zaark white label featuring a complete communication service including calls and messaging. App-App communication is fully encrypted and users are able to send photos, videos, location maps, web links as well as contact cards. There is even possibility to have messages auto-destruct after 3, 5 or 9 seconds

Zaark provides Voca with a turnkey solution including hosting and customer support as well as systems operation and monitoring. Connectivity to the traditional telecom networks is facilitated via Zaarks SIP-trunk agreements allowing Voca to offer exceptional call rates to mobiles and landlines in over 230 countries around the world.

Zaark is at the forefront of VoIP technology and its revolutionary technology ensures stable and reliable communication also during poor network conditions (Dynamic Codec Switching™). In addition, encryption and bi-directional hand-over (ensuring that no calls are dropped when end users move between WiFi and mobile networks) are other core features of the Zaark solution.

“We are very pleased with the delivery and continued support from Zaark. The intuitive user interface combined with the width of features and low call rates to the worlds top calling destinations gives us a distinct competitive edge”, says Tracy Alm, Marketing Manager at Voca Communications AB. For more information about Voca go to www.getvoca.com

For additional information please contact Zaark CEO, Johan Öhman, +46 727 11 7373

About Zaark

Zaark is a market leader in mobile VoIP technology. Zaark offers a complete communication solution provided either as an SDK for integration with existing apps or as a turnkey White Label. The Zaark solution offers easy integration and comes complete with a CRM system, network infrastructure and features VoIP- and PSTN calls plus messaging. More information available at: www.zaark.com.