Vyke Telecom selects Zaark white label platform

Vyke Telecom Ltd have selected Zaark to power their new platform for roles-based communication.

Zaark is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Vyke Telecom Ltd. Zaarks solution will be used for free messaging and calls as well as for in and outbound SMS and PSTN calls through virtual numbers.

- The agreement with Vyke is important as it shows how our platform can be used and how easy it is to integrate new functionality like virtual numbers, says Olle Frimanson, CEO at Zaark.

- We chose Zaark because they could offer a full solution including servers and brandable applications for iOS and Android.  Zaark have proven to be very responsive when it comes to integrate new features like SMS and virtual numbers which is a core part of Vyke’s offering, says Mark Eggington, CEO at Vyke Telekom.

For additional information please contact CEO Olle Frimanson, +46 70 666 1875

About Zaark

Zaark is a market leader in mobile VoIP technology. Zaark offers a complete communication solution provided either as an SDK for integration with existing apps or as a turnkey White Label. The Zaark solution offers easy integration and comes complete with a CRM system, network infrastructure and features VoIP- and PSTN calls plus messaging. More information available at: http://www.zaark.com/.

About Vyke

Vyke is a fast growing disruptive company based in London, United Kingdom, that provides role-based mobile communication. We use different email addresses and social profiles but we still only get one mobile number. Now you can get a different phone number for each part of your life, whether you’re at home, work, abroad, socialising or to just keep your personal number private. More informtion is available on: https://www.vyke.com