Safeguard secrets

Private Network

The Zaark Private Network solution is a closed, completely secure communications platform aimed at leading companies, governments or organizations that require absolutely secure communication not only using encryption but also via dedicated server infrastructure.

The Private Network solution comes complete with clients for iOS and Android, communications engine with encryption protocol, dedicated server infrastructure and a CRM and management system. All communication is scrambled and encrypted ensuring complete security and with a dedicated infrastructure there are no dependencies or shared components.

The clients will be branded as per your specification and can come pre-configured with the phonebook of your organization. As an option we can also provide the ability to terminate calls to the fixed- and mobile telephony networks with low cost calls to over 200 countries.

Key Features
• Secure Communication
Calls and messages are fully encrypted ensuring safe communication.

• Bi-directional WiFi / Mobile network handover
Calls are maintained when transitioning between WiFi- and mobile networks.

• Optimized Sound Quality
The latest codec technology combined with optimization algorithms warrants optimum sound quality.

• Auto initiation
Incoming calls and messages will automatically launch the apps even in hibernation mode.

• iOS and Android
Support for iOS and Android.

• Unique ID
The Zaark solution uses unique ID’s (identifiers) to connect calls. The ability to connect calls without phone numbers warrants anonymity which further increases security within a private network.

• Messages & Localization
The message function of the Zaark solution supports any language be it Enligsh, Japanese (日本語) or Arabic (العربية). There is also support for emoji´s. There is no character limit per IM message.

• Low Call Rates
Zaark offers low call rates without hidden costs or connection fees.