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The Zaark SDK solution is aimed at companies that wish to add free- and low cost call functionality to an existing application. End users are thereby able to make calls directly from the app to fixed- and mobile phones around the world – either via click to call and/or by introducing a dial pad. On request, encryption can be enabled ensuring safe communication which is becoming an increasingly sought after feature at this day in age.

Zaark provides the call engine, server infrastructure as well as the management- and CRM system. The SDK ensures easy integration and comes complete with step-by-step instructions, example code and a pre-packaged communication module. The integration work can either be undertaken by in-house IT resources or with assistance from the Zaark professional services team.

Connection to the fixed- and mobile telephony networks can be facilitated via Zaark’s termination agreements offering low call rates to over 200 destinations. Alternatively you can utilize your own SIP-trunk agreements. Payment functionality can be provided via a separate web-based payment solution or through integration with existing systems.

There are endless examples of apps where communication functionality can be a natural add-on: white pages, dating sites, membership clubs, travel companies etc.

Key Features
• Quick, Easy & Seamless Integration
Thanks to sample code, easy to follow documentation and a pre-packaged communication module, integration with the existing app is easy and straight forward. Calls can typically be made within the hour.

• iOS and Android Support
SDK´s are available for both iOS and Android.

• Secure Communication
Calls and messages can be fully encrypted. Encryption ensures safe communication and mitigates operator blocking which is a challenge in certain markets.

• VoIP and PSTN calls
With the Zaark solution you are able to offer your end users both VoIP calls and PSTN calls to any mobile and fixed line in the world.

• Bi-directional WiFi / Mobile Network Handover
The Zaark solution maintains calls when transitioning between WiFi- and mobile networks. This warrants to a first class user experience and customer satisfaction.

• Optimized Sound Quality
The Zaark solution utilizes the latest codec technology combined with optimization algorithms. Bandwidth utilization is automatically adjusted based on network quality ensuring optimized sound quality at all times.

• Unique ID
The Zaark solution uses unique ID’s (identifiers) to connect calls. Such ID can be a member ID, unique code or mobile phone number. The ability to connect calls without phone numbers warrants anonymity and allows for many interesting uses.

• Messages & Localization
The message function of the Zaark solution supports any language be it Enligsh, Japanese (日本語) or Arabic (العربية). There is also support for emoji´s. There is no character limit per IM message.

• Global Reach
Zaark has agreements enabling calls to be connected to any fixed line- and mobile operator in over 200 countries. A network of datacenters ensures that calls are always routed with a minimum of latency and the best possible sound quality.

• Low Call Rates
Zaark offers low call rates without hidden costs or connection fees.