Push- and Instant Messages


The Zaark solution contains a powerful Instant Messaging engine which supports both P2P- and Group messages. Instant Messaging has shown dramatic growth and is a cornerstone in any communication offering. The Zaark messaging solution has no limitation in message size and a receipt is prompted by a sound. The solution offers support for full encryption ensuring safe and secure communication.

The Zaark messaging solution can be provided stand alone via our SDK, combined with Voice functionality or as an integral part of our White Label solution.

The solution offers support for push notifications which opens up new and interesting business opportunities through high-impact low cost direct communication with end users. Push notifications can e.g. be used to promote various campaigns.

Zaark is working on the next version of its messaging solution which among other features will introduce support for attachments (files, pictures, sound/video) to further enrich the communication. An integral part of this functionality will be the ability to sell content which is a key source of revenue for many operators.