Secure and Reliable calls


The Zaark solution contains a powerful call engine that combines call- and contact management. Calls can be facilitated both to other end users but also to any mobile and landline in over 200 countries at highly competitive rates.

Zaark has multiple SIP-trunk agreements giving redundant capability to terminate calls to the PSTN networks. The combination of a low overhead and with well-negotiated agreements allows us to offer low call rates. If you have your own SIP-trunk agreement these can be utilized with the Zaark solution.

Zaark utilizes the latest codec technology combined with in-house developed optimization algorithms. The system continuously monitors network quality and adjusts bandwidth utilization accordingly which ranges between 8-40 Kbit (Dynamic Codec Switching). As a result end users are always provided optimum call quality for the current bandwidth.

Calls between users of the Zaark solution are connected without the PSTN networks whereby the cost to facilitate these calls is very low. Whether to provide these calls for free to the end user or charge for them is a decision for the operators.

Contacts from the end users phone book are automatically uploaded. The Zaark White Label app offers a comprehensive, intuitive and easy-to-use contact interface for managing contacts, making calls and sending messages. The Zaark SDK offers support for importing contacts whereas presentation and management of contacts will have to be handled by the third party system.