ZAARK Services

Hosting and development

Lets us host your solution or self manage your own solution. We support most platforms.

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messaging and calling


Choose according to your own hosting preferences.
We can assist with hosting and development.

Hosting Services

Hosted Service

If you prefer a hosted service and don’t want to setup and configure your own servers. 

Public or Private cloud

Depending on your requirement, your system can be deployed in both public or private cloud solutions or on virtual or bare metal servers in your own data center.

Cloud Hosting


You don’t need your own dedicated development teams to launch your own app. We can assist with development of new features and applications!

Application Development

We provide a full service for releasing applications for your company.

Our company does UI adaptations to existing white label apps or complete development of new applications, adding your custom features to our white label apps. We Manage the full release cycle from development, testing to release on Appstore or Google play.

Server Development

This will be determined according to the requirements.

Custom integration and adaptations to your backend, e.g. integration to billing or payment solution with bespoke development of server features.

Embedded Products

Enhance your IoT products with messaging or calling.

We can assist in integrating our products into your embedded products and at the same time provide the needed development services.