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Let your customers interact with rich and secure messaging throughout your applications, sites and products.

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Messaging and calling
Instant messaging

Instant Messaging

The messaging SDK can easily be added to your applications or products to provide a highly secure messaging solution.

  • Allow users to have person to person chats or group chat with group admin control.
  • Add any type of rich attachments like photos, video, audio,  contacts, location or any files.
  • Follow message flow with sent, delivered and read receipts including timestamps.
  • Schedule messages delivery and expire time of individual messages.
  • Flexible archive solution with either server storage or client backup.
  • Highly secure with either your own encryption keys or end-to-end encryption using Signal protocol.
  • Supports multiple devices and cross platforms.

Publish / Subscribe

This solution can be used to build Slack or Instagram like solutions, where you need to communicate to a larger user group than a normal group chat can handle. It lets you create, publish to and subscribe on topics which can be managed in multi levels and are controlled from our SDK or from our API’s. Notifications and archive options can be controlled for each post on a topic and supports multiple devices.
Publish Subscribe
messaging User information and status

User information and status

Our messaging solution includes modules for user information and status.

  • The user status includes information if the user changes status as well as the last time the user was seen online.
  • The user status is configurable but normally includes online, offline, busy, away etc.
  • Standard User information consists of a nick name and an avatar that are used in the chat view of an application but can also be extended to include additional information.
  • User information is distributed over your registered devices.