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Nothing compares to what you hear and see, for more personal communication add video and audio calling to your apps.

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Video calling
Video and audio calling

Video and audio calling is our area of expertise

Audio calling

Make high quality calls with low latency in your applications and products.
  • Crystal clear audio with HD codec’s and low mobile data utilization.
  • Automatic handover between wifi and mobile data network.
  • Easy integration into your existing app.
  • Fully secure with encrypted signaling and media.
  • Available cross-platform.

Video calling

Nothing adds more than to see the person you are talking to. Use our video calling feature to enable a richer communication between your users.

  • Lots of included features with camera switching, rotation, switch between audio and video call.
  • Cross platform support with WebRTC.
  • Same high security as with voice calling
messaging and calling
PSTN Calling

PSTN calling

Make more money out of your existing customers and offer them low cost international calling.

  • Make and receive calls from anywhere in the world.
  • Integrate calling into your devices, apps or sites.
  • We provide a full solution for call billing including easy integration to external systems.
  • Flexible routing, we can easily route in-and outbound calls to your own SIP trunk.